Saturday, March 19 at 10:03 AM

just to catch you all up:

dad is out of the regular hospital now and in a rehabilitation hospital. he finally seems to be improving, but very slowly. apparently, two brain surgeries in two weeks can really take it out of you. and how's this for news that you're glad to get way after the fact? the neurosurgeon told us a couple of days ago that men in his condition have an 80% chance of not making it. WOW. that means his odds were 1 out of 5 to survive all of this. obviously, we are all extremely thankful that he is alive...and that they didn't tell us those statistics initially.

now the doctors say he should get back to where he was before all this drama, it will just take about six months or so. he's got a lot of work to do. can i just tell you how difficult it is to see dad lying in a hospital bed? it's just so unnatural. he's always been so active, in such great shape. of course, it's much harder for him to be there, not able to do anything on his own right now.

something like this really does make your life and your priorities shift. makes me want to just love the people around me and enjoy every second. i'm hoping to get better at that.

so, it feels like maybe i am finally starting to get through the really tough stuff...i've accepted the fact that no matter how much i might want to change certain circumstances, i can't. i've just got to give it up (and not just say that i'm doing that...really do it) and let God do what He wants. i mean, that's gonna happen either way...i might as well make it easier on myself and everyone else. of course, that doesn't mean that my feelings and hopes have just means that i've given the future up to the only One who knows what He is doing. and that feels so good.