just some stuff.
Friday, October 7 at 10:01 PM

stuff you probably don't even wanna know about me.

i'm a little addicted (little addicted...is that possible?) to:
*these carrot cake thingies that i can only find at wal-mart.
*blog crap--checking my friends' blogs and also tracking the visitors to mine on statcounter.
*magazines. for real, this one is the worst. and the dumbest part is that even though i buy the same 4 or 5 (or so) every month, i don't have a subscription to any of them. stupid, stupid, stupid. dave ramsey would not be proud.
*girly wifebeaters. (and i know that's not what most people call them, but i like the phrase.)
*this pretty little compy.

i honestly don't understand:
*myspace. i mean, i'm on there and all (sort of)...but i still don't get what the big deal is. i'd rather just have someone im me or email me. and all the friend requests from wannabe rock stars and weirdos just get on my nerves and/or freak me out a bit. but that's just me.
*why actors get paid millions of dollars to make movies. of course everyone enjoys a night at the movies...but i don't think that justifies the money that celebrities make.
*why every kid in the world can't be as freaking cute as this one.
(thanks for sharing him with the world, shua.)
*how our society takes marriage so lightly these days. if it's too much work...just move on. when did this become okay?
*why God has chosen to move through midtown
so incredibly. i'm just thankful.
*love. the real deal kind. we're just too messed up and selfish. (but i'm glad it doesn't make sense...the truly amazing stuff usually doesn't.)