created to create
Thursday, May 13 at 3:05 PM

so, i'm really in the mood to create things lately...i got my old art supplies out and i've been looking into the mosaic thing. my friends should all be may be getting lb-made presents soon. i believe we were all made to be creative in one way or another, and i haven't indulged that desire in quite some time. there is just something so satisfying in creating some unique thing...a painting. some photos. maybe a mosaic piece. i see God in those things, and i feel Him in those things...why don't i do it more often?

also, on my lunchbreak today, karl and i went to the habitat resale store. such a good choice of "lunch" spots...i found some cool ceramic tiles really cheap. mosaics (how many times can i say that word in one post?), anyone? oh, yeah. then, i happened upon this great old camera box...very cool even on its own. i looked inside. really interesting old camera? check. old school f-stop meter? check. flash and flashbulbs? check. check. all the old instruction books? check. so i say to karl, "wonder how much this is? it doesn't have a price." and she says, "why don't ya ask?" so i do, thinking it's gonna be more than i want to spend on something that may not work and might not be worth much really. and the response was " bout three dollars?" yes, the hospice store has won my affections. a great trip, i must say...