too much
Monday, May 17 at 3:12 PM

today is one of those days when there is just too much going on in my head to actually make sense of any of it. i've discovered that it usually takes me some time to sift through my thoughts and feelings in order to draw conclusions from them...and really gain perspective. and the more i think about it, the more i realize how common this practice is in my life. i know that there are others who, like me, always think of what they really meant to say or wanted to say in some particular situation after some time has passed...the "perfect" answer suddenly comes into your head. but it goes even deeper...many times i don't really know everything that i feel or think about something until i am directly questioned about it. usually there are so many angles/factors to think about and i want to consider all of them. and of course it takes me a while to wade through all of this in my head and come up with an answer. and wow, i don't know how i started rambling about this topic, but i'll stop now...

by the way, i got a big old box of ceramic tiles for $8 on saturday and lots of other supplies for my first mosaic project. it's coming along fairly well...i'll keep you updated.