weekend update
Monday, May 24 at 9:04 AM

okay, so i know i am always disappointed when i check my friend's blogs and there is nothing new for a while. i don't want to do that to you guys. but, sometimes i just don't feel like i've got anything interesting to say. or, i do, but i can't really say it all because i've got to censor myself on here a little bit. who knew blogging could be so complicated? maybe i should just make up hilarious stories about myself and my friends. yeah, i should do that...

...karl is going to quit her job to follow soco around in a desperate attempt to meet ireland and have him fall madly in love with her. she has become an expert on drums, drum sticks, cymbals, and everything else drum related. she has even made herself a nifty little shirt that says "i am the future mrs. karl ireland" in pink, fuzzy letters.
...lanna made some really groovy "lanna pants" for gavin degraw that he wears every day. never takes them off. she is on her way to millionaire status. we'll all be able to say we knew her before she was famous.
...shua just bought a brand new BMW convertible. he has left the thrift stores behind, now dressing only in tommy hilfiger. he never puts flops on his perfectly pedicured feet. he plans on taking the beamer cross country so he can meet all of his internet friends (of the girl and boy variety). these imaginary friends of his will now all become real. good luck on your adventure, shua.
...suz is pregnant with triplets and is looking forward to spending all day every day in bed watching soap operas and jerry springer. jake is totally freaking out, pitching fits every several minutes, and basically acting completely opposite of the jake that we all know and love.
...mcd has declared that rock music is "of the devil" and he will never play it again. in his personal campaign against the rock, he has become one of those televangelists that says jesusuuhh and has weird hair and stuff. he now only does covers of avalon and point of grace.
...i have decided that God has blessed me with the gift of singleness. i've bought fourteen cats that i love dearly, even though my eyes are now constantly swollen shut and i can't really breathe too well. in my spare time, i teach people exactly how to swerve in their cars when deer run out in front of them. my technique is designed to maximize the potential harm done to both the deer and the car in the situation. the highlight of the class is definitely the pitiful little sounds that i make to imitate the deer in pain.

...well, that was fun. i hope you all enjoyed the little tangent as much as i did. makes me very thankful for the "ordinary" life that i live. and by "ordinary," i mean incredible.

friday...dinner with the parents to celebrate dad's birthday. lots of late night scrabble with lee and shua. mcd dominated, of course...shua became king of the "hey, i've got all vowels" phenomenon...and i somehow managed to hand mcd the triple word score spot practically every time. you'd think i would start to pay attention. apparently not. great fun with great friends...i am so blessed.

saturday...lots of shopping and no buying. the only girl at the gym with about five guys total. and a nice little wedding party for kelly and jason outside that evening.

sunday...one of the greatest sundays in some time. moving worship. a message that hit me right where i needed it (more on that later)...sandwiched between teaching four-year-olds about jacob and the dream God gave him. relaxing all afternoon at the bamberg pool (complete with a chocolate blast from baskin robbins) with friends and then on to dinner with the parents and my brother, darren, and his wife, julie. more scrabble, this time with the fam...dad dominated, as usual. i don't get to spend much time with darren and julie (being that they live in boston), so these times together are precious. all in all, a day filled with the things i love most in life...God, kids, new spring, friends, and family (and also baskin robbins and scrabble). i'll post more about the sermon and how God is revealing His truth to me soonly...