the one that got away
Tuesday, June 1 at 8:33 AM

so...last night lili and i (see picture below) had a girlie extravaganza. target (greatest store ever), papa john's (what about those breadsticks?), and a chick flick (totally unrealistic, feel-good entertainment). it was supposed to be craft night, but we forgot it was memorial day and most places were closed...that project will have to be finished another time--wait for it. (wow, look at all those parentheses...)

but the funniest part of the evening had to be the last half of a show that we caught after the movie...the one that got away. apparently, this one guy had about 6 or 8 old girlfriends/crushes/makeout partners willing to compete to win his heart. ummm...okay. so, following the trend of all the "reality" dating shows these days, he takes them all out on romantic dates in an attempt to figure out which one he wants to keep around. just extremely weird on so many levels...and such a cowardly way of deciding to pursue someone. man, just figure out what/who you want (as much as possible) and then go for it...and in case you're wondering, he chose this girl who has been a very good friend of his for a while. they hadn't ever had the "spark" thing going on, but after he began to think of her in that way and pursue her...things totally changed. funny how that happens.

yeah, so...moving on. realizing that the most important/confusing/frustrating situations in life usually don't have some set formula to follow is both comforting and frightening. it's frightening because it means relying 100% on Christ and not on myself...and it's also comforting because it means relying 100% on Christ and not on myself. living in the freedom that only He gives is amazing...

sidenote...when i did spellcheck on this post, the dictionary didn't recognize makeout. i mean, what does makeout mean anyway?...the suggested alternative was maggoty...hahahahahaha.