Friday, June 4 at 2:32 PM

so, lately i've been thinking about what makes people attractive. why do i find some people more attractive than others? and i'm not just talking looks here...whether seeking out a relationship or a friendship, there is always this element of attraction. here's one dictionary definition...endowed with extraordinary personal power to excite the feelings and to win the affections; inducing attachment. what is it in others that wins my affections and makes me want to know them more? of course there are many factors, but it seems to come down to the individual...

for example: i can make a list of traits that i want in my husband, but that's all it is...a list of traits. a piece of paper outlining those qualities that i think i need in a mate. it doesn't take into account the fact that i will choose a person to spend my life with. a person. a man. a living, breathing, imperfect child of God. and he won't possess every characteristic that i might have thought i needed. and he will mess up. and even when all those things happen, i will still look at him with more love and respect than i ever thought possible...because he'll be real. he won't be some fantasy that i have created in my mind. and i won't be disappointed that i can't check all the items off of some list. because i won't be settling...i'll be choosing God's best for me.

so, if it's not a matter of this man meeting every little need or want, then it must be dependent on something else. on this seemingly random phenomenon known as attraction. i will find the soul and the heart of this man completely attractive...and that attraction will blossom into love and respect. and that love and respect will cover over any "flaws" or weaknesses.

there are so many areas of life where i want to know and understand everything. realizing that i can't put God in a box and i can't get my mind around His ways never ceases to blow my mind...i cherish the clarity that comes as i see how all of these "undefinables" in life (like attraction) are simply God working behind the scenes.