Monday, July 5 at 9:58 AM is what i am loving today. i am loving how God answers prayers in the most unexpected ways sometimes. ways that i would not have chosen or asked for...which allow me to see Him at work even more clearly.

it was quite a weekend. difficult. frustrating. painful. and somewhere in the midst of all of the drama...peace. the knowledge that He had spoken, just as i had pleaded with Him to do. release from those feelings that have been dragging me down. a completely different perspective on some things. i'll take the drama every now and then if it brings such clarity.

it's funny how i can try so hard to talk myself into or out of feeling a certain way...and i am almost successful. but often there is still that last little bit of whatever emotion buried deep somewhere. then God intervenes. and all of a sudden (or so it seems) i see things in a whole new light. the truth that He has been lavishing on me all along is no longer ignored. i can see how wrong my idea of right has been.