i just like to say the word fortnight
Thursday, July 8 at 12:43 PM

my random thoughts today:

1. i want one of these. they're just pretty.

2. i have a few truly amazing friends. and amazing really doesn't do them justice. they rock. you know, the kind that aren't afraid to tell you what you need to hear...even if it may hurt. the ones who love you anyway when you screw up. and don't say "i told you so," even though they did. the ones who can make you laugh so hard you feel like you can't breathe. those special people who can make you laugh, smile, and cry...all at the same time. friends who make you feel more alive. i think i've come to appreciate them on a whole new level.

3. mountain dew really is the greatest drink ever. hands down.

4. emotions have a way of sneaking up on me...not all of the time, of course. but sometimes. and it's funny because i can spend hours talking about certain emotions. analyzing them, trying to figure out what to do about them, getting good advice from trusted friends. but then, every once in a while, an emotion just catches me completely by surprise.
i love it when this happens. and i wonder if these emotions are the truly genuine ones. when you don't have to overanalyze (which is apparently not an actual word, but whatever...) or figure them out. advice is not needed, because things just happen on their own. there is no stress or confusion. you just feel. God leads...makes me wonder if all the emotions that cause chaos are really just the result of me trying to talk myself into something that i know doesn't work, or vice versa. no big insight or conclusion here...just something that's been on my mind recently.

5. BOGO...buy one get one. get one what??