Tuesday, August 3 at 9:12 AM

so, i'm feeling the need to get a few things off my chest. please fight the urge to mock those things which you might not understand...

1. i spent at least 15 minutes in walmart last night searching for tube socks. you know...the kind that come up to your knees and have different colors around the top. the ones that everybody had in the 80's. i've been trying to find some for about 7 years (way before 80's stuff was cool again). no, really. one day i will be shopping somewhere and turn the corner...and there they will be, in all their greatness. it will happen. and it will make me quite happy indeed.

2. i hate walmart. with a passion. but i swallowed my hatred in the name of savings.

3. i bought the ashlee simpson cd. i don't care what you say...

4. i have some sort of weird aversion to umbrellas. not sure why...i just don't like 'em. for instance, when i arrived at wally world last night i had to run through a monsoon to get to the door. i had an umbrella in the car (only because i thought i might seriously need one for the scavenger hunt deal on friday). did i use it? oh, heck no. i ran. i got jeans were wet up to the knees and i was freezing in my tank top. but somehow that seemed better than pulling out the umbrella, opening it, and carrying it around with me. whatever.