road trip
Thursday, August 26 at 10:21 AM

me, karl, and shua are heading to nashvegas tonight...lots of fun times ahead. we're gonna see mayer (with dj logic and maroon 5) tomorrow night. the concert is really just an excuse to take a road trip, i think. staying at grandma's. seeing some very cool peeps. lots of fun conversation, i'm sure. mayer had better sing comfortable and/or st. patrick's day...that's all i'm sayin'.

i just signed up for audioblogger so we can do audio posts from the road. that sounds like great fun, right? i think so. we'll see how it goes...

on a completely unrelated note...have you ever just had a truly incredible dream? you know, one that made you smile just thinking about it. one that didn't make you wonder why you dreamed what you dreamed. even though you woke up and realized that it was only a didn't matter, because the happiness you felt remembering it was much greater than the disappointment that came with that realization. that's a nice feeling.