so, um...
Thursday, August 5 at 3:28 PM

i can't think of anything to write about...

i guess i'll just ramble about uninteresting stuff that is really not of any importance whatsoever.

here goes...

i bought some tube socks yesterday on my lunch break. thanks to anna g., i found a five pack of fun ones at the mall. of course, they are a little small/short for me. apparently, i am larger/taller than the average girl who wears tube socks...'cause these come up to about mid-calf. they need to be at least two or three inches higher to really be perfect. but that fact didn't stop me from sporting them last night. it made me happy...i wish i could show you some pictures of the tubes, but i don't have one of those dandy little digital camera guys yet. in time, in time. (i think this blog will be much more interesting when i can post photos regularly. but, anyway...)

when i got back to the office after buying the socks yesterday, i had a package! i gasped (karl-style) when i saw it and realized the contents had to be the two robbie seay cds i had ordered. it was a doubly-exciting lunch hour, i must say. (and of course, i was sporting one pair of the tubes with my "professional" skirt at the time that i opened my cd goodness. i couldn't wait to try 'em.) so much new, good music lately...i love it.

i am looking forward to some yoga tonight...and then some dinner...and perhaps the notebook again. yes, i think i'm gonna have to see it for the third time in the theater. i'm just feeling a strong urge for some romance. and, i mean, if i can't get it in my own life right now...might as well see it on the big screen.

also, i'm gonna do the tattoo thing soon. i don't know if i've shared that with you before, but i've been wanting one for a couple of years...the same one. so i'm fairly certain i won't decide i hate it as soon as it's done. i may get inked while we're in nashvegas for the mayer show. that's what i'm thinking.

oh yeah...emily cox paid a surprise visit to the nscc offices this week. it was very nice to actually meet the (in)famous ecox in person. and of course, she is just as cool as lee had'll be fun to have her close to us. now she is no longer this imaginary person we all talk about. she's a real girl.

and finally, i realized something today. i was thinking about dating/relationships/marriage, etc. (hence the urge to see the notebook)...and what it will really look like when i am married. i was trying to imagine how i would be in that role-- in a relationship. and i have absolutely no idea. the last time i was in a "serious" relationship was freshman year of college...that was 7 years ago for those of you who might not know how old i really am (tube socks, and all). and that relationship was most definitely not grounded in Christ. i can't even fathom what it's gonna be like when that time comes for me...i just know it's gonna be good.