whoo boy!
Monday, August 2 at 3:19 PM

brief weekend recap:

friday--home group scavenger hunt/amazing race greatness. i'm pretty sure everyone involved loved the game. karl did an incredible job planning and executing the funness. i even think the non-winners who moaned about stacks (def. 4c) enjoyed themselves. now all of us clue-keepers are hoping someone else plans one for us to compete in. highlights of the evening: the buussss and mellow mushroom pizza. it was as delicious as i had hoped.

saturday--lunch with shua, karl, and lanna. then on to a free (it's good to know people who work at the theater) showing of the village. now, you have probably heard mixed reviews. the four of us all really dug the movie. i really enjoy shyamalan because he makes you think. go and decide for yourself. later, a new favorite t-shirt find at goodwill and then baptism. new spring baptized around 75 people in an above-ground portable pool at AC. dang. He is good. a little hanging with the crew and then it was time to get ready for sunday. ooohhh, and i also snuck over to the parents' house and ordered some old and new robbie seay goodness. i can hardly wait for that little package to arrive. highlight of the day: jordybug and ry playing in the pool as the water was rushing out.

sunday--new spring. incredible sermon and awesome music, as always. teaching 4 year-olds about the sabbath. lounging at the pool for a couple of hours...where jake showed us all up in the slide-and-stay-on-top-of-the-gator game. "no hands!" back to new spring for our new fourth service and more funness with preschoolers. then, over to the beaty house for a terrific dinner. karl, lanna, and i had to steal away for a little while to take our last-minute public goatee humiliation photos. hahahahaha...that's all i can say. part of our plan was foiled because shua's house is locked tighter than, um, some place that is locked up really tight. but i think we still had some quality entries. after some cookies and milk, off to bed...highlights of this day: listening to a bunch of 4 year-olds trying to say the word commandments, time with amazing friends, rocking and singing peyton to sleep.

in other news: i have definitely talked myself out of an ipod. they are great little gadgets, (and i enjoyed shua's at the pool yesterday) but i don't need one. i listen to music all day long and in the car. i need some quiet now and then. and i know, especially after borrowing shua's ipod goodness yesterday, that i would be tempted to have those little buds in my ears at all times. so, alas...it shall not be. (unfortunately, now i am pining after a digital camera. thanks a lot, mcd...) what is it about stuff that is so appealing?

God is teaching me how to truly give myself over to Him. whatever i'm thinking, feeling, wanting...i'm just trying to give it all up to Him to sort out. i don't have to figure out how i feel or what i want to happen...all i have to do is love Him, know Him, and trust Him.