you've got me feeling emotions...('member that song?)
Wednesday, August 11 at 3:48 PM

so, lately i've been dealing with/thinking a lot about the whole heart-mind-emotions thing (which you might have picked up on). i've thought about it. i've prayed about it. i've talked to my friends about it. and i (we) keep coming back to one major question...when do you follow your emotions and when do you ignore them?

because really...emotions must be there for some specific reason. and trying to convince myself that i don't actually feel the way i know i feel is tiring me out. but we've all been through situations where we acted on emotions...and later came to regret those actions. i've certainly experienced times when i did not act on (show) my emotions and then later wished more than anything that i had. in light of all the heck are we ever supposed to figure out when to trust our emotions?

seriously, people...i would love to have some feedback on this topic. that's what the comments section is for. (and let's just discuss with the assumption that said situation has been prayed about and given over to God...but it's still confusing.)