right now i am...
Wednesday, September 15 at 9:39 PM

*hating wal-mart. more than before. i didn't think it was possible to despise it any more than i already did...but i was wrong. if i never go there again, that will be completely fine by me. oh, well.

*looking forward to the trip to atl tomorrow. a little sleeping at last. a lot of time with two incredible people. and maybe even one tattoo.

*loving life. work. church. friends. Jesus. so good.

*thinking about a line from napoleon dynamite and laughing out loud. in the midst of complete silence...it's fun. your mom went to college. hahahahahahaha.

*wishing for someone to share this life with. sorry if that's mushy, or cheesy, or whatever. i don't care...it's how i feel.