i have great friends.
Monday, October 11 at 4:29 PM

seriously. really great friends. some that i have known for years. others that i am just getting to know. i am truly grateful.

this past weekend was full of quality time spent with awesome people. friday night was wild and crazy. me, karl, and jonny looked through old yearbooks and laughed. and laughed. and laughed. and we also had some stimulating conversation. fun times. saturday consisted of a dave ramsey seminar (wow, it kicked my tail...i've got a lot of work to do in the finance department. but that's not the point) and dinner with juju, susan, and charmaine. more good convo, more laughter. sunday was a full day at new spring, of course. i love my church. not because it's cool and relevant and all that stuff (although it is)...just because God is working through it. so good. sunday night also gave me a chance to hang out and chat with some incredible peeps. it was nice to get to know tyler and rachel a little better. and i already know lili pretty well (considering i live with her and all), but i always love spending time with her.

friendship is not always about fun times and laughter. sometimes it is hard, and it might hurt. but it's so worth it.

Wounds from a friend can be trusted,
but an enemy multiplies kisses. Proverbs 27:6

the people we love the most and pour ourselves into are obviously going to be the ones who can hurt us the deepest. loving someone makes you vulnerable. but the wounds from our friends can be trusted, because we know their hearts.

thanks friends.