whatever comes to my mind
Wednesday, October 20 at 12:04 PM

i got waved down by a cop in front of the anderson county fair. apparently i wasn't abiding by the 10 mph speed limit posted on the tiny signs that you can't see in the dark. it was funny.

we're going to see dave barnes next week. i am much excited.

i saw garden state. well worth the $5 i spent on the ticket. good flick.

right now i'm eating one of those chocolate wafer bar things that i used to eat a lot as a kid. michelle (love her!) brought it to me yesterday. remember those things? the ones that you are probably supposed to bite down into and eat like a normal person...but it's so much more fun to take the wafers apart and eat them one layer at a time. it's the small things.

i've been listening to the first worship circle CD quite a bit lately...and pretty much all day today. i really love it. there is just something so real and honest about it. maybe that has something to do with the fact that it is basically scripture put to music? yeah, that's gotta be it. i seriously dig the whole feel of the CD.

i think we are all blessed with a select few people who really seem to get us. we feel totally comfortable around them...things are just easy. sometimes you need to talk...and they know. many times it's best to just sit in silence or hang out without really saying much of anything...and that's ok. it doesn't feel weird. i am so grateful for the few people in my life who have made me feel that sort of love and acceptance.

thought this would be a really short post...oh, well.