Monday, November 1 at 12:43 PM

so...the site has a new look. and by new look, i mean new to me (not so new to the other million people who use this template for their blog). i had to do something different...i'm not sure how much i like it, but it'll do for now. warning: you may get confused when trying to comment...the comments are at the bottom of the post--and look like they go with the previous entry. annoying. i don't know how to fix it.

also, i added a photo page. for fun. it's under friends (yeah, i know i am not my own friend...but i couldn't get other words to work on this new design either. dang template).

and, now...the biggest change of all today. my car had a flat on the way to work today, so i had to change the tire and put on the spare. my dad helped a little bit, but i could've done it on my own. i was making lots of progress with the jack when he arrived to assist. (as you might be able to tell, i am pretty pleased with myself for knowing how to do such things. i could change my own tire ALL BY MYSELF if i had to. i'm just sayin'.) we took off the ganked up tire, put the spare on, and i still got to work on time. nice.

piper conference tonight and tomorrow night...i'm sure it's gonna be incredible.