shua shows and saturdays...
Saturday, November 13 at 1:20 PM

the mcd/shua show last night was quite always. the pre-show ladies dinner was great fun as well. many laughs, funny topics (right, girls?), and good food. it had been too long since we'd done that. karl, we missed you.

the black cow is such a cool little spot. who would've thought that honea path would bring us something like that? not me, i say...not me. old downtown building with lots of history and character turned into a coffeshop. good stuff.'s saturday. and i woke up at 8:15am. for no reason. what? that never happens. i am such a sleeper-iner. i don't know. but it's been a great morning. and for whatever feels like more goodness is right around the corner. i'll take that.

there's much more on the mind and heart, but i'll spare you all the details. you'd be bored anyway.