Saturday, November 20 at 1:58 PM

shua and tara leigh @ carpentar's cellar in g'ville. 8pm. you don't wanna miss it...seriously. maybe shua will sing that one song three or four times. (maybe not. yeah, i'm gonna go with not.)

next week is thanksgiving, which means a trip to nashvegas. i'm really looking forward to it. dad and i bought the required 1000 piece puzzle last night. good times are ahead.

i'm teaching myself to's something i've been wanting to learn for a while, but i couldn't find anyone to teach me. so, i busted out the learn to crochet in a day book last night, determined to master this craft. i feel pretty good about the single crochet...i'll have to work my way up to the hard stuff.

i just realized that i have talked excitedly about doing puzzles and learning to crochet in this, i'm getting old.