i heart my friends...
Monday, May 16 at 11:30 AM

so much that i can't really explain it. there is just something so amazing about being with people who know you...faults, dumb decisions, and all...and still love you. i think i've seen the clearest picture of Christ and the way He loves us through my friendships lately. friendships that may have been neglected a little bit. friends whose advice i did not heed. none of those things matter when you really care about someone...you always welcome them back. that to me is the definition of community and love. i am so thankful for the incredible little family i have around me. thanks, friends.

thanks to karl for rejoicing with me when things are good, for knowing what to do when they're not, and for always shooting straight with me. i love you.

thanks to my boys (jonny, shua, and mcd) for making me laugh in the betty rubble way, for looking out for me and my girly, emotional heart, and for reminding me that i deserve the very best. up your butt.