um, so
Wednesday, June 8 at 11:30 AM

yeah. life is crazy busy right now. don't expect much posting for a while...or you'll be disappointed. don't you just hate it when your expectations aren't met? me too. consider yourself warned...of course, with the way i've been posting recently, you shouldn't expect too much. but anyway...

here's what's up in my world
  • Survivor camp happens the next two weeks (if you don't know what this're missing out. incredible youth camp at Lake Lanier. on houseboats. with ridiculously creative challenges. lots of sun. amazing music by the chris brown band. Jesus. stinkpickles. etc., etc., etc.
  • i have a few classes and some other requirements left to finish up my master's i'm starting back this summer. classes again. wow.
  • i feel like i've been in a weird place recently. can't really explain it here...just a lot on the mind these days. so much to learn. growth isn't always easy and painless. in fact i think it's often quite difficult. but good.
  • i talk about things being difficult...but i have no idea. isaac certainly does. such an extraordinary little dude and family. it breaks my heart to read about the pain he's in.
that's about it.