i know, i know...
Friday, August 19 at 12:37 PM

i'm sucking at the blogging thing. but i'm okay with that...you can't be good at everything.

here's the deal--i'm still in a-town. i'll move my stuff to cola a week from today, then take a little trip with the midtown crew to atlanta, then i'll be down there for real on the 30th. so, you've all still got the opportunity to squeeze in some quality time before i'm really gone...(that sounds so final, but you know what i mean.)

life has been both busy and sorta boring lately. by that i mean that there has been a lot to do--job hunting, getting all my stuff sorted out for the move, etc., etc. but at the same time, it has been really odd to not be working and seeing people on a regular basis. i've realized that i seriously couldn't handle not working (in some form) for long. i'm bored. i'm so ready to be in cola, working, doing the whole church plant thing full force.

but of course, i'm also getting more and more sad about leaving everyone the closer the move date gets. it's gonna be tough. but i just can't ignore the fact that God has called me there. He really is working things out. and He is just full of surprises...i love His surprises. so i'm moving with the knowledge that it's gonna be hard in some ways, but it's also gonna be the most amazing thing i've ever been a part of.

so, there's a whole lot that i'm leaving out...you'll just have to use your imagination.