Tuesday, September 13 at 10:42 PM

things are busy in cola. i feel like i haven't had time to think lately. and that's a total answer to prayer. i'd been getting a little restless and bored. can't complain about that right now.

i really like it here. i wasn't sure how i would feel about this place since almost everyone said it had no redeeming value...but i'm enjoying it. maybe it's just the larger city feel. maybe it's the cool places. maybe it's the unending opportunities to see and experience new things. i don't know exactly...but the thought of exploring all these things is exciting.

i can already see that God is blessing me with incredible people to know, love, and learn from. there are amazing (not old, but certainly older than me) women here that i just want to sit and listen to. one woman in particular, cathy, is just so cool. you know how you meet certain people and you just think "they're going to be a great influence on me. i can learn from them?" i definitely thought that of cathy as soon as i met her. and there are just so many sincere, caring girl friends here that i am so happy to be getting to know better. i think these relationships are going to have a huge impact on me...i just feel it. God has put these women in my life for specific purposes, and i am so thankful.

i want to keep writing, but i so need to go to bed...there has not been a lot of sleep lately and i've got to leave for day 3 of a conference tomorrow morning at 7am.

i do have some cool thoughts to share later when i have more time. i promise i'll stop just giving you little updates...i'll try to actually say something at some point.

should hear something about the job soon...but i've got an interview at another place friday. it would give me much more access to lost and unchurched people. we'll see what happens.

my computer makes me happy. some people mock me for that. i think that means they don't have macs and therefore they cannot understand my feelings.