headin' back to a-town.
Thursday, September 22 at 9:44 PM

so, i'm going to anderson for the weekend. i'm so excited to see the amazing people i get to call my friends! they really have become like family to me and i've been missing them like mad.

tomorrow i'm spending the day with them...i have no idea what we're doing. i just know i'm showing up and we're hanging out. it's nice to just know that the day will be incredible simply because of the company i'll be keeping. it doesn't even matter what we do.

i love that we have the sort of friendships that can just be picked up where they were left off. we don't have to talk every day. they don't have to send me 12 cards a week and cry about how life is not the same. i know that they love me. i hope they all know how much i love them. how does that song go? friends are friends forever...(you know you liked some michael w. back in the day. don't try to act like you're too cool.)

that's all i got tonight.