just to clear up any confusion (for the 3 of you who might still read this thing every now and then)...
Thursday, September 8 at 3:04 PM

i am single. as in, not dating anyone. and although you may be confused...it is true.

no doubt you've had a hard time keeping up. i know it's been a little unpredictable. but now you know. sorry if you were kept in the dark (unintentionally). i don't really like to address that area of life on here...so if you've got questions at some later point, just ask me.

God's really been showing me a lot about what it means to truly care for and protect the people in your life. and i am perfectly content to wait on Him and whatever He has for me. i'm tired of trying to make things work, tired of being wrong, tired of having my heart broken. and i don't mean this as anything negative toward anyone...so please don't read into it. life has just been teaching me some hard, sorta messy lessons. but i'm glad to be where i am and i'm just enjoying the ride.

the one thing that has been reinforced for me recently is the power of words that are carried out in actions. honestly, words that are not backed up by actions are meaningless. it's been quite a check for me personally. do i follow through on what i say? can people count on me to do what i promise? i truly believe that who we are, in large part, is determined by the weight that our words carry. if others know that we do what we say...that is a strong statement of integrity. but if others hear our promises and think "well, that might happen" or "yeah right, i know better than to count on them"...that is compelling evidence that our words have lost their meaning. i hope we're all challenged to make our words count...and when we're not sure--to shut up.

by the way, i had a job interview today. if you feel like saying a little prayer for that whole situation...i wouldn't mind.

oh...and i don't know the best way to do this, but i have im now. so, if you know me and you've got im...shoot me an email and let me know your username. laurendotbrown@gmail.com. (i hope i don't get emails from crazy people.)