we want explanations.
Sunday, September 18 at 11:39 PM

i think it's human nature, especially for females, to want to understand things. we want to know all the details. we need to hear exactly how someone feels, or thinks, or might possibly think about feeling. there can be a situation that really has very little bearing on our lives today, but we still want to know why it happened the way it did. the reasons behind actions are important. the intent of words matters to us. we want to know whether we perceived things correctly. we NEED explanations...

and when we don't get them, it's hard to accept. we think we have a right to know the truth of the situation. and we think that knowing that truth will somehow give us satisfaction and closure. seriously, ladies...how many times have you thought "well, i could let this go if i only knew x and y" or "all i want is to understand what happened." we just wanna know. that's all. no more. no less.

really? i mean, is it really no more and no less? or is there some other thing that we're looking for? perhaps affirmation that we were right. maybe that feeling that we're better off without so and so now that we know the whole story. i'm not sure. i do think sometimes we truly JUST want to get our minds around things. we want to UNDERSTAND.

and men, well...i think our need for understanding drives them mad sometimes. they just don't care about the details. what's done is done. let's take life for what it is and move on. they can let things go without a detailed explanation.

we are so different. it amazes me that God designed us for each other when we are so COMPLETELY opposite in so many ways. i think that's one of the things that i'm looking forward to most about meeting "tha man." learning about all the differences, enjoying the similarities, and just having fun in the process.