i feel a bulleted list coming on.
Monday, October 3 at 11:30 PM

recent epiphanies for me:

*suncom sucks. for real y'all. missed calls. "i'm sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed." no way to check voicemails. no service at the house. like i said, it sucks. (i miss you, verizon. i hope we can be reunited soon.)
*i crave structure. as much as i appreciate freedom and creativity...i function much better within well-established parameters. i like to visualize how something will look and feel. i want to know how it's going to work so i can break that down into actions that need to be taken.
*i choose what i allow to hurt me. that's not a new idea. but the realization that it was time to stop making it harder for myself was nice.
*there are some cute boys in cola. and by cute boys, i actually mean hott men. that is not a bad thing.
*i truly, honestly, totally love the people that i'm doing this midtown thing with. i love meeting with them and bouncing ideas off of each other. i love laughing at (with?) them, working alongside of them, and figuring the hard stuff out together. i even love being made fun of for the stuff that i'm not gonna mention. they are my family.
*you can drive the wrong way down a one way street if you're really careful.