i'd like to thank THE beau bailey...
Tuesday, October 18 at 11:44 AM

*for being the first official guest blogger on this site. (though i just remembered one other guest blogger from a long time ago...but we'll just say that one wasn't official.)
*for just being awesome. seriously people, if you don't know beau bailey...you should.
*for making it impossible to have an im conversation with you without wondering if you're on the toilet, and for enlightening us all on the state of your "underbritches."

that was fun.

moving on...i heart fall. i love love love being outside during this time when the weather is cool, but not cold. i love the thought of breaking out the coats again and wearing all those clothes that have been waiting patiently in the closet. i love pumpkin carving and bonfires and leaves changing color. i love fall so much that i always try to help usher it in...i mean, it's the middle of october--it's time to wear long sleeves and boots, even if it's not quite cold enough here in cola to warrant it. i'm still doing it...even if it's 85 degrees (which it's not right now...it's perfect at this moment). some people get spring fever...but fall fever is what i'm feeling. bring it on.

warning! totally random observation to follow...
so i was shopping at wally world the other day and i happened to look at a box of q-tips. on the side in big red letters was a message that went something like this--"DO NOT USE IN EAR CANAL!!" okay, for real people...what other purpose do q-tips serve? honestly, there is no other use for them besides getting that gunk out yo ears. they shouldn't waste the space on the box, that's all i'm saying.