one more thing...
Saturday, October 8 at 11:54 PM

that sucks about relationships that don't work out--someone has to move on first. i mean, there are two single people left at the end of a failed relationship. single people are, by nature, looking for that one person they are meant to spend this life with. and so, of these people finds a new someone first (unless there is some way that it could happen at the exact same time. unlikely, but possible). that's just the way it works.

and it hurts when you're the second one in line...watching as the person you thought was your future starts enjoying the present with a new someone. doesn't matter that you know you're not meant to be with him. doesn't really even matter if you have a little crush of your own. doesn't even matter that you know you deserve so much more than he was willing to give. it just hurts...

especially when it happens ridiculously quickly. makes you naturally question every bit of your relationship. makes you think it didn't mean anything to him. makes you feel like someone who is easily forgotten.

thankfully, it's making me look even more forward to the man whom God created me for. the one who won't change his mind on me. the one who will truly be more than i could have ever imagined. the one who will know all my faults and my quirks and love me because of them, not in spite of them.

so i'm fine with second place in line...because i know that the best things are worth waiting for.