Monday, October 10 at 9:49 PM

we're just gonna keep right on going like i never said all that stuff in the last post. not 'cause it was bad or anything, just 'cause i'm feeling a little exposed and vulnerable...but you'll have that. or something. i keep catching myself thinking that maybe i shouldn't have shared quite so much. but seriously, i'm just being real. and that means sometimes seeming like i've got it all together--a strong woman who won't let her sense of worth be shaken by a guy. and sometimes being real means i come off looking sorta sad and girly. whatever. they're both me, it just depends on the day.

in other news...

things are looking really, really good on the job front. i'll give you the details once it's definite.

i have some truly great friends. today i'm especially thankful for this one.
voicemails from lee never disappoint. they always, always, always make me laugh...and they also never fail to make me feel like the coolest kid on the block. where did i find a friend like him? oh yeah, you know...up yer butt.

so, the fair was even more fun than i could have envisioned. i think this fact is true mainly because i went with some of the oddest (in a totally good, we're all odd, i love y'all kind of way), but yet most awesome, people i know. between meredith dealing with the "sad sally" crap, tadd claiming that everything we saw was fake and also constantly referring to the people as carnies, mikey trying to get the inside scoop on every single carnival game ever invented...a wild time was had by all. (even if we did pay $5 to park only to realize later that there was free parking right next to the gate.)

i've got some work to do.