This is not your normal Lauren Brown...
Monday, October 17 at 12:48 AM

First, everyone needs to know that this is Beau Bailey, sitting in for the benched and victim of writer's block, Ms. Lauren Brown. Now, back to my guest blog.

In the brilliant and simplistic words of Mr. Skip Dynamite "yes I love technology."

Tonight as I sit back in my recliner, watching DVDs of the 90's hit show "Saved By the Bell," I look back over the day's events and think about the things the day has taught me.

Something that is pretty understood is that every person has their favorite pair of under-britches. Whether it is an old pair of the generic "whitey-tighties," some comfortable "boxer briefs," or maybe the popular and trusty joe-"boxer." This morning I grabbed my fav. pair out of my cabinet and put my first foot through no problem. The problem is, as I began to put my other foot through, I lost my balance, my foot got caught, and it tore the biggest hole in my favorite pair of under-britches. Even worse, I was out of any other kind of undergarment and I sat all thru two services in church and dinner with the family, knowing what I was dealing with the whole time. Even worse than that is I've been home for hours, I have clean clothes in my room, yet I still have these hole-stricken under-britches on.

So, to technology. Wireless Internet is something to call home about. You can enjoy it from your kitchen, your bedroom, the nearest Panera Bread Company, or even your bathroom. Even more entertaining is knowing that I can talk to any one of my friends via the internet while I'm in the bathroom, and there is a good chance they will never know what I'm doing.

Finally, if anyone is reading this and has a younger sister or brother, maybe you can feel my pain. Someone told me today that they saw my little sister, Nicole, holding hands with her boyfriend at school this past week. I threw up a little bit when I heard this. (Just thinking about it made me throw up a little bit just now.)

Now, just to let you know, I've been in the bathroom this whole time. I hope this blog wasn't too risque. I guess I should have prefaced it with a parental guidance warning. But in either case...

I love "Saved By the Bell."

Beau Bailey