today is a funny day.
Saturday, October 29 at 12:26 PM

i was lying in bed this morning...sleeping so soundly...dreaming apparently. and in my dream one of my earrings started tickling my neck really badly. i kept dreaming a kept tickling me and bothering me. then i woke up and realized it definitely WASN'T an earring tickling my neck. it was a BIG, HUGE, FREAKIN' COCKROACH THING in my bed. oh my. it was craziness.

also...i went to subway to get some grub earlier. the "sandwich artist" lady seriously asked me this question..."what kind of cheese would you like on this BABY GIRL?" that's just pure awesomeness.

later i'm going to help with a fall festival for some inner city kids. i can't wait to see what kind of humor finds me there. i have no doubt it will be delightful as well.

by the way, the concert last night was amazing, of course. three incredible bands. first time i'd seen david crowder live. good times. you know a concert was enjoyable when you come home with aching feet, buzzing ears, and a sore throat. shane and shane are still my favoritest favorite ever. (sidenote: i realized about halfway through the show why this concert felt sorta weird. one of the musicians would do something awesome or start talking about their gear...and i would look around...and there was no shua, jonny, karl, or lee. this was the first concert in a LONG time that didn't involve some combination of those people. and i missed the "oh gah" faces and the "that was sick" comments...i even missed hearing the total rundown of all the screw ups and really cool moments after the show. awww, tender. you all are missed. you should come down here thursday to hear dave barnes so i don't have to miss you the whole time he's playing...although he might keep me a little distracted. not as distracted as, say, matt wertz...but whatever. i have totally gotten off subject. i love you all.)