when it rains....
Friday, October 7 at 9:35 PM

it really does pour sometimes.

it's raining here right now. that has nothing to do with the previous sentence, but it is a fact. hasn't rained much here since i've been in town. it's been cooler and just wonderful. i hope it stays fallish.

back to the raining and pouring thing. so, as you all know, i've been job hunting for the last couple of months (okay, so i've been unemployed...whatever you wanna call it). i've tried to be patient, telling myself all the cliches about finding the right thing and knowing God will work it out. but it's been frustrating and hard and i finally got to the point this past Sunday where i said "okay, self, i'm getting a job this week even if i have to work at mcdonald's."

guess what happened?

(wouldn't it be awesome if i said that i actually was working at mickey d's? i just thought about that. ha.)

after two months of next to no luck, i was faced today with two really good options. one that wanted me to start monday and another that is not 100% definite (but it's looking very promising), but even better than option number 1. this turn of events presented me with a little dilemma...i couldn't in good conscious take option 1 knowing that i could very well want to quit in a week or so for option 2 (which is a higher salary and ridiculously incredible benefits. seriously, ridic.) so i had to call the people and just be honest. tell them the situation, knowing i could be screwing myself completely. i mean, i could be sitting here in a week or two with no job at all...but we won't think about that. i feel very good about option 2, so we'll just assume for now that it's going to happen.

funny how the timing on all this worked out. nothing for so long and then bam! thanks for all the prayers and encouragement on this issue. it's much appreciated.

in other news, we're going to the fair tomorrow. i'm excited about the greasy, weird, redneck fun that always takes place at the fair. i've never been to this particular fair, so there's no telling what could happen. i heard people got shot last year. now that's good times. you know you wanna come too, so get in the car and drive on over.