alright, here we go...
Tuesday, November 22 at 6:37 PM

on our quest for a recap of the weekend. i'm really tired, so i'm not sure how this is gonna end up...but that's okay.

friday night was the first of the wolfgang simson sessions. if you've never heard of're not alone. but he is a leader in what is known as the house church movement. i haven't read any of his books, but i'd heard enough about him from people i respect to want to attend the sessions and see what he was about. interesting guy. innovative, challenging, thought-provoking ideas on the church and where it is headed. too much info to really sum it up well here. but i will say that some of the most powerful times at the sessions were hearing others share stories, scripture, prayers, whatever. there were children of all ages in the room for most of the time. to hear a little 3 year old girl recite scripture or be led by a 9 year old boy in prayer...dang. that just gets me.

i almost forgot nonnah's. after the session a group of us went to this cola spot that is known for its desserts. fun times with good people.

saturday i slept in. ah yeah. it was freakin' incredible.

later, after doing some work and stuff, i headed to the tipping house to hang out with court and allen. we had some good grub and then went over to adam's to watch the big game. that place is pimped out like you've never seen. stadium seating (made out of couches) and 4 televisions (one of which is huge)...the guys were in heaven. got to meet several new people and just enjoy my spot on the largest, comfiest bean bag ever. oh, and i also made one of the stupidest decisions that i can recall. i had the chance to go to the marc broussard show with some new friends and i passed it up...what? i'm not sure what was wrong with me. i heard it was an incredible concert. and i'm a loser.

sunday morning was the wrap-up of the wolfgang simson sessions (i missed the one on saturday). good stuff. he talked in detail about what church (and for him, house church) is meant to be. one of his main points was that church is not a building, or a service, or one day of the week. church is the body of Christ living and impacting the world. it is a go and tell, not come and see philosophy. there's much more to it than that, but that's one major point.

sunday afternoon was getting ready for the second midtown worship gathering. setting everything up, seeing people we don't get to see too often, and basically making sure things were good to go. the service was very special, at least in my opinion. the atmosphere of worship, joy, freedom, and conviction seemed to build as the evening progressed. we had communion together. it was just a beautiful time.

afterwards was dinner at a wings place with a bazillion people. it took forever. that's all.

there's a lot more going on in my head as a result of things this weekend and just in general...i might try to share that at some point. i might not. we'll see.

also, i just found out that i will be in anderson tomorrow night (if i'm not stuck in traffic all day), if you're around and wanna hang out, you know what to do.