big enough to hold me.
Thursday, November 17 at 5:12 PM

just an old song by waterdeep that's been in my head today. i haven't listened to them in a while. that's a shame.

the space in my mind
is too small for you
the space in my heart
is too small for you too
and all of the things of the earth that i've known
are too small for all of the greatness you've shown

but in all of this i'm still facing my needs
and i'm scared of how big they feel to me

i know you you you
are big enough to hold me
i know you, Lord, you
will carry me through

the space between stars
is millions of miles
the space for the famous
in millions of eyes
but of all the stars of the heavens and earth
none can compare to your infinite worth

and i still get lonely and wonder out loud
if anyone notices me in a crowd

how great and how high
how deep and how wide
is your love