drivin' and thinkin'.
Sunday, November 13 at 11:00 PM

i think i need to spend more time in the car (or truck, which is what i'm driving right now).

these days, it seems that the car is the one place where i truly get a grasp of whatever it is i'm feeling, needing, struggling with, hoping for, etc....almost as if i let myself completely tune in to my heart when i'm in the car. sometimes it's a song that brings certain things to the forefront. many times it's in the midst of honest, emotional prayer. and often, it's just by simply being in the car...listening to music, watching the world go by, allowing my mind to just go wherever it may.

i wonder why this is true. is the car the only place where i am free from all the stuff of life (computers, tvs, magazines, jobs, people, to do lists, etc., etc., etc.)...those things that vie for the attention of my mind and my heart? or is it just that i only listen to myself in that place?

makes me wonder what else i would learn about myself if i just took the time to listen and feel. makes me wish i would get off the stupid computer right now and talk to God or read the Word. makes me hate the fact that i haven't made those quiet, uninterrupted times more of a priority.

*side(and completely unrelated)note--i'm honestly starting to think that i have the oddest taste in music. in the last week, i've bought three CDs. these three artists seriously couldn't be more different...but i enjoy them all. jeremy camp (live unplugged--good worship music), ashlee simpson (i had to see if the second one was any good--haven't made up my mind yet), and kanye (i can't help it, i love his stuff).

**also...anderson was good to me this weekend. it's still home to me right now. and going home just feels nice. thanks to the special people who made the trip worthwhile. l heart you all.