i don't know...
Thursday, November 17 at 12:03 AM

where to begin. i need to go to bed, seeing as how it's midnight, i'm tired, and i have to be at the dentist at 7am. the dentist at 7am? yeah. it's not gonna be fun.

this week has been an interesting one.

what i'm learning--you just never know. you never know how God is gonna use things--good, bad, whatever...i love the fact that i will never be able to see what He sees. i love that He can use any and every situation to accomplish exactly what He wants to accomplish. i really love the knowledge that even the truly hard things (especially the truly hard things) are strengthening my faith, increasing my dependence on Him, and reminding me of my humanness.

*please pray for midtown. our second worship gathering is this coming sunday night at the town theatre. we are very excited about this opportunity to connect with more people in the community who need Jesus. pray for the leadership, pray for changed lives, pray for God to receive every bit of the glory.

i've got to go to bed now so i can get up at the crack of dawn for some stranger to stick pointy metal objects in my mouth and tell me i have a cavity.