Saturday, November 5 at 10:05 AM

i got in the bed about 7:30pm last night to take a short nap. i woke up at 8am this morning.


i was ridiculously tired apparently. this week has been super busy...filled with lots of good stuff, new information, and one incredible concert. and i've been dealing with some really nasty sinus stuff. i guess it all caught up to me last night. so, if you called me or something...know that i wasn't ignoring you. i'm sure i love you.

i'm also carless right now, which is a definite bummer. don't know what happened--it just wouldn't go thursday night. i'm really hoping that the problem is fixed soon, as it sucks to have no form of transportation. looks like a day of rest whether i want it or not (judging by the sleeping thing...i certainly might need it).

let's see...what do i need to catch you up on? um. hmmm...
*if you don't know dave barnes,
you're missing out. for real, people. he's so good live. not only is the music wonderfully delicious, he is freakin' funny. i know i've said all this before, but some of you are still i'm trying to educate you. new album set to release in january. and if you're a single guy, you REALLY should check out one of his shows. probably the largest gathering of ready-to-be-wooed chicks you'll ever find. of course, you'll have to get their minds off the barnes...but i have faith in you and your hotness.
*does it annoy you when you're trying to have good conversation at a restaurant but the music is so loud that it's impossible to hear? yeah. someone should send a memo to the restaurant industry and let them know we hate that. especially when the guy attempting to entertain is AWFUL. we encountered this thursday night at the mellow mushroom. what was that guy's name again?
*i literally have 4 humongous (and i'm not exaggerating) notebooks to read through from work as part of my staff orientation. fun. but it's all the important stuff i do need to know, so i guess i can't complain.
*how the heck did it get to be november 5th? seriously, people...time has FLOWN by the last few months. like never before. worship gathering november 20th, thanksgiving in tennessee, birthday, christmas in boston, my new niece/nephew, new year's, new orleans trip, midtown service launch...will all be here before i even realize it. hopefully even a trip to the 'nooga will be wedged in there somewhere. man. lots of good stuff coming up.

i'm leaving stuff out i'm sure...but that'll do for now.

remember to tip your waiter. come back again soon.