Wednesday, December 28 at 6:39 PM

it's been a little while. christmas, travel, family--it all comes before the blog.

i'm in boston. been here since late friday night. my niece is beautiful, and precious, and just the sweetest little thing i've ever seen. of course. what else would you expect?

got to spend some time in a-town with good friends before we left. have i mentioned lately how much i heart my friends? i think i have, so i'll refrain. but seriously, i REALLY do love 'em.


we've been here 5 days and haven't done any sightseeing yet. but that is no surprise. downtown boston and the other good stuff is on tap for tomorrow.

and now to the funny/painful news that some of you have already heard. (i can hear the jokes starting now.) i fell yesterday. in the hotel shower. my mom later went on to tell me, about 12 times, how she had noticed it was really slippery and meant to warn my dad. my dad. because he's kinda old and had some trouble earlier this year with balance and all. yeah, he had no problems. i, however, took a bad fall that ended with my ribcage smashing against the side of the tub/shower deal. a trip to the somerville ER was not far behind. after a couple hours there and a consultation with the doc, i was sent home with some serious pain medicine and a diagnosis of definitely bruised/possible cracked ribs. because of the place where i hit, they can't tell on x-rays if i broke any ribs. so i just wait it out and judge by how well i'm doing in a week or so. if i'm much better, i just bruised the ribs. if not, then it'll be about 8 weeks or so before i'm back to normal. i think i just bruised 'em. i'm pretty sore today, but not excruciatingly so. right after it happened, i couldn't breathe without hurting. so...that's a real improvement.

i guess that's what i get for wishing we could get out and do something instead of sitting around all day. i got my wish. hahaha.

we're flying home saturday--new year's eve. a little bit more quality time with some of my favorite people, some new spring, and then i'm moving more stuff from storage to the new place in cola. yay! i'm so excited to move to the house. it's gonna be such a good place to be.

then new orleans. that's gonna be good.

how was your christmas? fill me in. i miss you all.