good things...
Saturday, December 3 at 6:29 PM

are happening all around.

good thing #1. i'm gonna be an aunt really soon. my brother and his wife are expecting a little one on Christmas eve. we're going to boston to be with them for the holidays...hopefully the baby (we don't know if it's a boy or a girl) will come sometime while we're there. today i did a little shopping for the baby. i'm not excited about being so far away from my new niece/nephew, but i guess there are positive points to that as well. if i lived really close, i would totally spoil the kid rotten. i had to restrain myself today at old stuff is just so incredibly cute. i'm excited about watching my brother and sister-in-law become parents. such an exciting time.

good thing #2. i am moving in with sara and leslie (a couple of very cool chicks) sometime after the holidays. living with them is gonna be so much fun. i'm looking forward to deepening those friendships and just having good girl friends around on a regular basis. their house is in the target area of town for the'll be nice to be right in the heart of things. and it's an amazing house. old with lots of charm, hardwoods, super cute...if you know me, you know i love that kind of house.

good thing #3. God is blessing midtown in ridiculous ways. i'm in awe. it's not about midtown, it's about Him...but He has chosen to throw awesome things our way.

good thing #4. i've said it before and i'll probably say it again...i really am surrounded by great people. people who look out for me and love me, especially when i'm doing something a little stupid. Jesus has spoken to me in various ways through my friends lately. i love that.

good thing #5. i'm gonna celebrate another year of life pretty soon...and yes, i am starting to feel a little old. go ahead with the old jokes. but seriously, this past year has been one full of goodness. sure, it's also included some rough stuff...but every hard thing that i've faced in the last year has made me experience God like i never would have otherwise. i've grown a lot. i've made mistakes. and even though the hard times seemed so bad in the moment, it's amazing what has come from all of it. trusting Him, trying my hardest to be obedient, and realizing that nothing and no one else will satisfy...those are invaluable lessons.

good thing #6. all the other things in my life that are total blessings...things that i take for granted each and every day. i live such a good life. i have never really known great need, or abandonment, or strife. i don't have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. my parents have been married 30+ years and they love and care for me. i have the freedom to fill my days with just about anything i choose. i have nothing to complain about.

good thing #7. i just feel like there are more good things on the way. i don't deserve 'em...but i'll take 'em.

tell me about the good things in your life...