funny things...
Thursday, January 26 at 11:28 AM

that i have realized and/or experienced lately (at least i think they're funny):

*this new job at newspring will be the fourth different position i've held there. i guess i'm multitalented? (at least that's my reasoning.)
*the move back will be my fifth move in a year. ha. i don't even have the nerve to ask my friends for help again.
*i know people who have offered to "take out" anyone who gives me grief about all the changes. i'm not sure how i feel about that.
*there are all kinds of old friends/acquaintances/friends of friends who read this thing. i had no idea.
*american idol is just as fun at the beginning with all the crappy singers as it is at the end when only the good ones are left (maybe a little more fun, actually).
*i've gotten really used to tivo in the last three weeks. it's gonna be hard not to have it at the new maybe that'll have to be in the budget. we'll see.
*i have become a long emailer. not sure when it happened, but i've caught the disease. i'm trying to work on it.