there's a lot on my mind.
Tuesday, January 17 at 10:39 PM

that's why i haven't had much to say. makes sense, huh?

i guess what i really mean is that most of the stuff on my mind needs to stay there--not here. if i tried to explain it all to you, you'd just accuse me of being, i'm saving us both the hassle.

here's what i will share:

the last few weeks have been wild. i'm not sure where they went or how i got to now...but obviously, time has not been standing still. boston, new orleans, and moving to a new house in cola all took place in quick succession. i'm sure you're tired of me saying that there's not enough time in the day anymore ('cause i'm pretty sick of hearing myself say it), but it's never been more true. i literally have something to do every night this week (and did last week too) and work to do most of the weekend. i'm beginning to feel like i'm just waking up every day and doing this thing without really enjoying any of it. there's too much to do, too many places to be, too many thoughts running through my head to actually slow down and savor the moments. that's gotta stop. i don't know how exactly, but it can't continue much longer. and yes, i wake up every morning and ask God to help me to make the most of the day--each little opportunity...but i typically end every day thinking about all the things i WANTED to do but didn't have the time/energy/ability to make happen and all the things i HAD to do that i really didn't care anything about. where's the balance between finding a way to make the most of where God has you and doing whatever it takes to put yourself in the place where you can live your dreams? personally, i don't want to live a life filled with days that are merely lived...i want to live in such a way that i am overjoyed every night by the realization that my day was full of passion and purpose.

maybe i'm making this whole idea sound a little dramatic--my life is not horrible. and i know God puts us in places for seasons. i guess i'm just ready for the seasons to change.


i am still working on the new orleans pics and all (see above for explanation of why i'm so behind). everyone in america should go to that place. it'll change you.

this past weekend was so nice. mcd show on friday. a nice dinner followed by toasting marshmallows in the fireplace and making smores on saturday. lots of hugs and kisses from jordy bug and some newspring on sunday. by the way...just in case you somehow aren't aware--God is at work in anderson-in ridiculous ways-through newspring church. i am so excited about the all the things that are coming in the future. i don't know what people may think about my leaving newspring to come to cola...but i'd just like to say that i can't wait to see what God is going to do there. newspring is an amazing church--an amazing family--and i believe that God is going to use that church to change the world. in fact, i'd say He's already doing so. to all you newspring peeps who read this thing (and i know there are a few of you)--i love you. i'm praying for you all. i know God's doing incredible things through you. my heart is with you.