b-ball and wisdom.
Monday, February 27 at 10:06 PM

so, i just got back from watching one of newspring's high school girl's basketball games. they made it to the semi-finals. karl is the coach. they have pink jerseys. (do t-shirts count as jerseys?)

anyway...it was fun to just yell and clap and cheer at the top of our lungs, even if the game was really not too close...though i briefly thought the pink princesses were gonna make a comeback.

the "best" part? (by "best," of course, i mean "most hilarious.") blaire bounces the ball back to a ref after it goes out of bounds or something. apparently it catches him at exactly the wrong place. he goes down...and stays down. the whole crowd tries not to crack up. the teams try not to crack up. lee is beside me barely keeping it in. we're all just about to lose it. and he stays down...until the other ref finally says we're gonna take a break for a minute. our bench was doing everything they could to keep it together.

i mean, who cares if you lose when greatness like that takes place?

in other news...i'm so grateful for wise people in my life who are not afraid to tell me what i don't want to hear. sometimes you just need others to get up in your space and make you really think about things. i was in a little bit of a funk, letting certain things just get to me...and the wonderful shay helped me gain some much needed perspective. i love the people i am surrounded by on a daily basis.