i wanna say something...
Monday, February 13 at 5:24 PM

(i know i use ... a lot. i'm okay with it.)

but i don't know what exactly.

so, let's just recap a little for those of you not close by. i've been at the new job a week. it's wonderful. i work with the best people in the world. work doesn't feel like work. i almost feel guilty getting paid to do what i do. church is incredible. God is moving in mighty ways all the time. yesterday was the first day of services in the new building and we had a little over 6,900 people there (including 1,000 kids). it was truly surreal. i found myself constantly just going--"i'm a part of this. i work here. this is incredible. i don't know why God chose me to be on this team...but i'm so grateful. i'm so blessed." the whole day. i can't really explain it. yes, i was sorta giddy. seeing God work in so many ways, and feeling like i'm even a tiny part of that, is just good.

anyway...i know that's about all i've said recently. but i'm excited! i can't help it. must be similar to being completely head over heels in love...you just can't stop talking about it.

speaking of the love thing...happy vd tomorrow. a special shout out to all my fellow single, hott friends. it's coming, people. we'll get ours. or something.

alright, i'm done. go make someone's day.