hello all...
Tuesday, March 7 at 1:01 PM

just a little something to satisfy your blog addiction.

things i'm learning/realizing/facing these days:

*none of us know what we're doing. some of us are just really good at faking it.
*we are a big bunch of over-analyzers. seriously. let's relax already, okay?
*my life cannot be lived by anyone but me. nobody else is going to answer for my decisions.
*if i'm hearing from God on things, then He's the one to listen to...no one else.
*i've got lots of "opportunities for improvement"...by that, of course, i mean that i am human. i'm screwed up. the sooner i recognize areas/traits/reactions that need work...the sooner i can make needed changes (or at least try).
*it's easy to let another take the blame when things go wrong...but in all honesty, it's often just as much my bad. admitting that and asking for forgiveness is an important step in not repeating the past.
*accepting situations for what they are just makes everyone happier. trying to talk myself (and others) into believing things are not what they so clearly are is just exhausting and pointless.
*i don't have to know everything. i don't have to get it. i just have to listen, and be obedient, and love Jesus.

mmmmmmm...that's so reassuring.