i wanna be blind.
Thursday, March 16 at 12:11 PM

so, most days when i'm driving to work i pass this man on the side of the road. my route to the office takes me straight down a main highway here in town...one that is 4 lanes wide most of the way, at spots even wider. it is a well-traveled road. a main thoroughfare through a-town. anyway, i see lots of people on the side of this road. walking. running. jogging. whatever...you get the picture.

but this man is different. he catches my eye every time. i always pause and think about just how cool it is to see him in the morning.

this man is blind.

he is led every day by a seeing-eye-dog. he crosses streets, navigates busy intersections, and stays out of harm's way on this popular, and at times dangerous, stretch of highway.

every time i see him i think about what it must feel like to not be able to see anything. to rely solely upon the guidance of an animal. to trust completely that he will not lead you into danger.

every morning i envy this blind man. his faith. his total trust. because really...i should be just like him. holding on to the leash tightly. following without any idea, any sight, any hint of what's to come. resting in the knowledge that the One who's leading me knows exactly what He is doing, where i need to go, and the best way to get me there.

unfortunately, it's usually the blindness that frustrates me the most. i want to know what's coming (and when). i want to brace myself, or get my hopes up, or impatiently count down the days until things happen like i want. i want to have my way...and i don't want to wait. i want to see the future.

but if i know what's coming...then i'm in charge, right? i mean, if i see a car crossing the road in front of me, i'm going to figure out the best way around it--stop and wait, try to make it, walk right out in front of it, etc., etc. i want to see because i want to decide what i think about what's up ahead and how i want to react to it.

if i would just rest and close my eyes...i would hear the horns off in the distance, the birds singing in the air, the sounds of life as i breathe in deeply. i'd feel the breeze blowing against my cheeks and the sun as it shines brightly on my skin. i would experience every other sensation like never before as i give up my need to see. and i'd be at peace, knowing that the One leading me does not need my help. He knows where He is taking me.

i wanna be blind.