lots of random.
Thursday, August 24 at 9:48 PM

you ready? okay...

*i have a guy friend who is totally giddy over a girl. it's really great to see.
*this week has been so much fun, so full of truth, so good in so many ways.
*i just got a sweet new phone. it's nice to know awesome people who can get you the hook up.
*life makes so much more sense when i don't try to make it make sense.
*i've had the chance this week to get a unique picture of how much our church loves the band, the music, and the worship at newspring. it's been very cool.
*even though i'm 27 years old, i still feel like a teenager in certain circumstances.
*i get to go somewhere extremely fun tomorrow...i would tell you, but it's a belated surprise for lanna's birthday.
*i REALLY want to go to africa. soon.
*i like my fingernails painted black. and i don't really care if you agree.