Tuesday, August 29 at 10:34 PM

i just had an interesting/funny/honest conversation with someone who's been in (and sorta out of) my life for some time now. it was cool for several being that it made me realize how nice it is to just care for someone. to work through whatever hurt or misunderstanding might have threatened to totally ruin the friendship...and get to the point where you can simply appreciate the other person for exactly who they are. no more, no less.

there's something so special about a shared can never be taken away. no matter how much two people might change or grow...nothing can undo what has been done. and so you just thank God for the chance to have had that person in your life. to learn from them. to laugh with them. to find out more about you because of them. to share those funny stories that no one else would really get (with each other...not with got me??? haha).

to dream. to cry. to love. to lose.

and then to be okay.

**this conversation also reminded me how much my life has changed in the past year. this time last year, i was preparing to leave here and head to cola. wow...incredible how much things change in a year. i'm thinking i'll devote a whole post to that topic soon...but for now, it's past my bedtime and i should at least try to get some sleep.

you should go download lee's new song. it's saweeeeet. and love on someone today...for no reason. maybe even someone you have every reason not to love on.