Wednesday, September 13 at 11:55 AM

so, we no longer have internet at the house...and soon we'll only have 3 tv channels. the decision came after realizing just how much time i was wasting every day doing nothing...seriously, nothing. okay, not always nothing. but usually nothing. at the very least, i was doing nothing productive. nothing that mattered. nothing that drew me closer to Jesus. not only was all that spare time not deepening my relationship with the only One who matters, i was allowing it to rob me of precious time in the Word and in prayer. totally ridiculous.

it was wierd at first. i'd gotten so used to checking im, blogs, myspace, etc. every morning first thing and every evening last thing...it felt odd not to do just that anymore. and i have to admit, that first night (when i wasn't sure if they'd cut it off yet or not), i tried to get online one last time. no go. and it was like that gentle voice reminder saying "i told you what to do. you were obedient. now let it go." okay, okay. got it.

funny, it's only been 2 days since i had the internet connection discontinued. and yet, even in that short amount of time, it's like there are 4 more hours in every day. amazing. it's so nice to wake up in the morning and look to Jesus instead of my pretty little mac. to wonder what He'll show me that day instead of what i might read on some stranger's blog. to invest time in the people around me instead of a face i see on a myspace profile (granted, most of these profiles belong to friends...but you get what i'm saying).

anyway...that's just where i am right now. everyone's different and this is certainly not a call for all "good people" to boycott the internet. wow...definitely not. i mean, i still use it every day at work. such an amazing tool. i'm just glad that i realized my need to simplify things. cutting out all the stuff that was overtaking my time has made me feel more connected than i have in a while.

sidenote--i've gotten to see some really great music live lately...dave barnes. lee and the crew. and there's more to come...kt tunstall. shane and shane. mutemath. saweeeeeeet. one of the many things that makes my spare time feel meaningful and significant. ooohhhh oooohhhh...and go get john mayer's new cd. seriously. i just love his music more all the time. yes.